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Wallpapers Or Paint: Which One To Go For?


A person’s home reflects the personality of the ones living in it. Everything from the furnishing to the walls is a canvas that one can use to decorate their styles in. Aesthetically decorated walls have the tendency to lighten up one’s mood and are often underrated.

A debate has been trending over the past few years of whether to follow the concept of wallpapers or to stick to the traditional method of painting, which never goes out of style.

Sometimes life is all about the choices that we make, isn’t it? When it comes to making a choice, comparisons help us arrive at a better decision.

Time Taken

In today’s world, time is money and so we need to make the best use of it. Our primary concern is regarding how long it will take to beautify our walls through either of these methods. Painting a wall may require a couple of days to get done. On the other hand, wallpapers only need to be applied edge to edge; so they require far less time. 


There are a variety of paint colours and types available in the market. A recent trend has been combining varied colours and patterns to give your home a quirky look. Paints are available in the form of various finishes such as matte, semi-gloss, gloss, eggshell finish or even satin finish. The sky’s limit when it comes to painting.

Wallpapers give good competition to paint when it comes to variety. Most popular types of wallpapers are vinyl, vinyl-coated fabric, non-woven, pre-pasted, grasscloth and even 3D wallpapers! Applying a 3D wallpaper can completely change the look of your home! 

Maintenance & Safety

For things to be long-lasting, it needs to undergo maintenance from time to time. Wallpapers tend to last for a period of 15 years and more if taken care off properly. You may get bored of viewing it for so long before it gives up on you.

Paint has the tendency to chip off. A good painting job can easily last a decade. However, it depends on the quality of paint used on the walls. If you invest in good quality materials they can withstand harsh conditions.

Area Specific

Another crucial aspect to keep in mind is the place where you are deciding on applying paint or wallpapers. Moisture and humidity can peel the wallpaper off, making them a big ‘No’ for bathroom and kitchen walls. Paint, on the other hand, has a higher resistance to heat, humidity and moisture. This makes them a better choice for certain areas of your home


Budget is a crucial factor when deciding between painting and wallpapers. Painting is expensive in comparison to applying wallpapers on your walls. This is because painting requires multiple coats to be applied before the work can be deemed as done whereas wallpapering the walls are a one-day job. 


A combination of paint & wallpaper can provide you with a fine, exotic and creative finish. Make an informed choice and choose the best one that suits your home. It could either be just paints or wallpapers or a cool combination of both! And if the task seems like a lot, you can always call Washho to get your home customised as per your choice!   ……………………………………………………………………………………………

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