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Cleaning Tips For Different Types Of Flooring

A dust-free floor at home feels great to walk on. However, our floors are also the most prone to getting dirty frequently. It is essential to ensure that your home's flooring is cleaned regularly to have a spotlessly clean environment. This also helps to get rid of germs that can ruin the health of those living in your home.  While it is essential to keep our floors clean, not every floor is the same. With different flooring comes different challenges in maintaining them. However, it is necessary to clean the floors from time to time to keep them intact and shiny. By not taking care of the floor results in the beginning to look grime and dull.  To avoid this, you must clean your floors from time to time. The state of your flooring creates an impression in the minds of your guests. As your guests step into the floor, they can easily identify how you take care of your home. Here are some cleaning tips for cleaning five different types of flooring:  Ceramic Floors :  Ceramic tiles, al

Not Sure How To Clean Home Appliances? Find Out How!

Our older generations lived a life devoid of home appliances. However, the current generation was born in an era where the industry of appliances saw a big boom leading to constant usage. Today they have made our lives easier and also impossible to live without.  If you look closely, we are surrounded by appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, toaster, oven, air conditioner, blender, water-purifier, air purifier, and coffee maker. What's even more astonishing is that we make constant use of these appliances without giving a thought to cleaning these appliances regularly. Appliances, apart from routine maintenance, also require cleaning for optimal performance.  You may smile to yourself, thinking that cleaning appliances are a cakewalk. But, beware as cleaning appliances the wrong way could get them damaged or, worse, spoiled and never to be used again.  Are you beginning to worry already? Let us help you put your worries to rest by identifying some of the

4 Quick Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean!

Most of us love living in a clean space, don't we? But most of us aren’t inclined to get up and clean our homes; either because of personal commitments, professional lives or because you are just feeling lazy.  Often you try and declutter the space you are sitting in, but you may not be interested in cleaning your entire house. We know how tedious and boring it can get.   However, we have four hacks to keep your home clean. Read on… Use A Sponge After Shower :  Image Source: Taking a shower feels good till we have to face the reality of cleaning the bathroom. But if we are simply taking a bath there, how does the bathroom get dirty? The remnants of soap and the dirt from our body sticks to the surfaces of your bathroom, which eventually leads to slimy walls and later, deep stains. Try this the next time you have a bath: Keep a sponge or wiper in your bathroom. After your shower, wipe the glasses down using either of these tools. It cleans dirt from the surfaces in

Normal Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning

                    Who likes a messy home or office? (Certainly not the readers of this article, we hope so!) Everyone wants a clean space as it brings in positivity and feel-good vibes; but before you live in a clean space, there’s the task of actually cleaning your home.    Most people find cleaning to be a daunting task. It can be challenging for you to clean your home thoroughly every day because of your personal and professional commitments. However, every once in a while you may dust your home and on special occasions do a complete deep cleaning.  Ohh, not sure of what the difference is? Let us explain.  Normal Cleaning   It is good to maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your house. However, it is completely understandable if you do not find time to clean every day. This is when you can resort to normal cleaning. Normal cleaning is done to remove the visible dust particles from your place and create a healthy house environment. Dust gets accumulated over your furnitur

DIY Sofa Cleaning Guide

A sofa is a part of almost everyone’s homes because it is both the most comfortable and the most welcoming part of the house. The living room’s main attraction in the present time, the word sofa originated from the Arabic word suffah , meaning bench. Everyone loves chilling on the sofa until it starts stinking or perhaps, you leave your favourite spot in the house with an ugly stain. Cleaning the sofa sounds complicated, but we’ve got a few steps to make the work easier and precise. Let’s have a look, shall we? Learn The Fabric Every couch comes with a tag, including the cleaning instructions for upholstery. It comes with specific codes that are meant to guide you for appropriate cleaning. X: Use a vacuum only. No water. W: You can use water to clean it. S: Use a dry cleaner detergent only. WS: Use a mild detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry-cleaning detergent. It’s necessary to follow these instructions to avoid damages. We are all aware of how expensive sofas are, thus you need to

How To Make Your Home Smell Good?

Diane Ackerman famously said “smell is the mute sense, the one without words'' .  Did you know that scents, emotions and memories are intertwined with each other? That’s right! Our nose is known to have a long memory. Pleasant scents or foul odors are usually attached to an event or a place when we had first come across them. Therefore, every time you smell them again, you may find yourself getting nostalgic.  Before you step out of your home to encounter various scents across the city, make sure to know what your home smells like. Your home has a scent of its own; this is the same scent your  brain associates  with your comfort zone. And who wouldn't want their home to smell amazing right?  While it may be tricky to keep day-to-day odours at bay, there are several ways that you can deodorize your home. Let's see some ways you can do the job right! Start with Clearance For starters, clear the obvious sources that emit lousy odour such as garbage disposal units in your

Quirky Painting Ideas To Spruce Your Home

A house is where you reside while a home is what you create. A home reflects the personality of the one residing in it. Whether it is designing your rooms with aesthetic decor or painting it up with colours of your taste, creativity within your home will speak of who its residents are.  We often hear people say, “walls have ears”. Well not just ears, they even have the ability to speak. Confused? It’s you who gives them that voice, and the same voice speaks to you through colours and designs. The colour style you decide shapes the personality of your home and later your own mood as our homes have the ability to affect our mood.  Here’s a bunch of some innovative painting ideas, choose the best one for your walls: Patterned Roller Painting Image Source: If you’ve never seen a patterned paint roller, then you are in for a big treat! Patterned rollers are nothing but rollers that have miniature designs or pictures moulded into their surface. It includes two rollers, the