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Quick Cleaning Tips For Lazy People

Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Lazy people usually come up with the quickest solutions to problems as they are unwilling to spend too much time or energy on any one task.  In today’s article, we plan on serving quick tips to these lazy individuals instead of asking them for some. The rule is simple: Fewer efforts and significant results. So are you ready to get smarter at your cleaning work? We have some brilliant tips lined up just for you! Tip Number 1: Get An Air Blower! Image source: An air blower is a must-have gadget, not just for lazy cleaners, but everyone in general. Why? Because it is one of the finest multipurpose tools you can find. When it comes to cleaning, an air blower can help you blow away dust from every possible corner of your home. Want to clean your computer, door or window tracks, the back of your fridge or TV? An air blower is the answer to this! Tip Number

Food Items That Can Double As a Cleaning Agent

Can you imagine using a slice of bread to collect shards of broken glass? No, right? But this is one way you can use bread, stale or otherwise. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many such food items at home that can be used as a cleaning agent.   Making use of these natural cleaning agents is a better alternative to using chemicals based products. Let’s take a look at these food items now, shall we? Coffee Grounds Are you left with pans caked with food that are hard to remove? Sprinkle some coffee grounds on to them and let them rest for a while. Coffee grounds are abrasive in texture and can help remove buildup on hard-to-clean surfaces. You can also make use of coffee to clean your sink, grill or cookware. Ketchup Did you just think of fries looking at the ketchup? You probably did. But here we are talking of using ketchup for an entirely different purpose that is, to polish metals. What? Metals? Yes, metals! The acetic acid content in ketchup reacts with the tarnish on the

Beware Of These Cleaning Hacks That Can Ruin Your Clothes

A quick google search will bring up various videos that talk about  “Top 10 hacks to clean your clothes!” or “5 ways to wash clothes quickly!”  These videos are a mix of tips, hacks, DIY tricks, etc. Most of these hacks work but what we don’t realise is that they can also be harmful to our fabrics. The hacks often work in the short term, but leave behind long-term effects such as ruining your clothes forever. Therefore, it's better to be safe than to be sorry by knowing which hacks one shouldn't follow. (If you like this one, share it with your friends and family. We’re sure that they will be thankful to you for it! *wink wink*) Let’s have a look at those hacks you shouldn’t implement! Using Coffee For Dark Fabrics One of the most popular hacks revolves around coffee. According to this hack, pouring coffee while washing your dark fabrics helps keep them dark. Adding a cup of dark coffee while washing your dark fabrics can make them look darker and richer.  The irony is, even if

Wallpapers Or Paint: Which One To Go For?

  A person’s home reflects the personality of the ones living in it. Everything from the furnishing to the walls is a canvas that one can use to decorate their styles in. Aesthetically decorated walls have the tendency to lighten up one’s mood and are often underrated. A debate has been trending over the past few years of whether to follow the concept of wallpapers or to stick to the traditional method of painting, which never goes out of style. Sometimes life is all about the choices that we make, isn’t it? When it comes to making a choice, comparisons help us arrive at a better decision. Time Taken In today’s world, time is money and so we need to make the best use of it. Our primary concern is regarding how long it will take to beautify our walls through either of these methods. Painting a wall may require a couple of days to get done. On the other hand, wallpapers only need to be applied edge to edge; so they require far less time.  Variety There are a variety of paint colours and

Creative Ways To Use Painter’s Tape

  Most people know of painter's tape but have you ever thought of how painter’s tape can be used to give things a unique touch? Well, painter’s tape can be used as so much more than just giving you a professional paint job. It can help you upgrade your level of creativity with home furnishing just like that! A painter’s tape can be used for more than simply designing walls alongside paint and to prevent paint from bleeding into masked off areas. It's a universal truth that creativity can make anything look beautiful.  Here are some creative ideas that you can use while designing your home using painter’s tape.  Upgrade Your Dresser   Image Source:   Are you bored with your dull dresser and want to give it a vibrant look? Use painter’s tape to escape the process of applying a coat of primer. Instead, add stripes of painter’s tape on the dresser before you paint it as per the color of your choice! You can also use a combination of colors for drawers and make it

Stain Stain Go Away! Hacks To Make Your Clothes Stain-Free

Staining your favourite fabric is a terrible feeling, isn’t it? Moreover, the brighter the fabric, the worse a stain looks on it. So are you someone who loves bright fabrics such as 50 different shades of white? If your answer is yes, here are a few tips to ease your stress over stains.  Here are a few varied types of stains and hacks on how to deal with them.  Coffee stains Image source: Most of us prefer starting their day with a cup of coffee, don’t we? And of course, we always are careful to not spill it all over us.  But we have our ‘Ohh no!’ moments during the day as well when we’ve accidentally dropped coffee all over our clothes.  How can one resolve this? Here are a few ways:  Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Pour this on the stain so that the dirt particles lose grip over the cloth. Or, dip a toothbrush in vinegar and rub over the stain. It will help the solution reach deep within the affected area. Finally, wash your fabric as usual. Armpit stains

5 Home Remedies To Launder Your Clothes That You Didn’t Know About

One can have busy weekdays or lazy weekends, but getting rid of doing laundry is just not possible. Furthermore, the amount of laundry to be done is directly proportional to the number of people at home. More the people, the more the number of clothes to launder. Add to this the worry of separating whites from the colored, of colors getting faded, followed by stain removal. Ugh! The struggle is real!  Since stepping outside is still fearful for many, let’s look at some home remedies that can do the task of cleaning clothes just as easily as manufactured products. Keep your worries of stepping out aside for we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin, shall we?  Magic of Salt Have your fabrics been bleeding every time they’ve been put to wash? If this happens to you and you want to put a stop to this, simply add a tablespoon of salt along with your detergent. It is a definite way to prevent colors from bleeding. Some even believe this to be the cure since it stops clothes from bleeding ever agai