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Creative Ways To Use Painter’s Tape


Most people know of painter's tape but have you ever thought of how painter’s tape can be used to give things a unique touch? Well, painter’s tape can be used as so much more than just giving you a professional paint job. It can help you upgrade your level of creativity with home furnishing just like that!

A painter’s tape can be used for more than simply designing walls alongside paint and to prevent paint from bleeding into masked off areas. It's a universal truth that creativity can make anything look beautiful. 

Here are some creative ideas that you can use while designing your home using painter’s tape. 

Upgrade Your Dresser  

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Are you bored with your dull dresser and want to give it a vibrant look? Use painter’s tape to escape the process of applying a coat of primer. Instead, add stripes of painter’s tape on the dresser before you paint it as per the color of your choice!

You can also use a combination of colors for drawers and make it as colorful as you want by using painter’s tape as a color differentiator.   

 Create Wall Art                                     


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Creativity is not bound by any limits in wall painting. Believe us when we say that equipped with a painter’s tape, the ideas that you can try with your walls are unlimited! All you need is a good quality painter’s tape, a pen/pencil to draw the desired pattern, scissors, color that you want to paint and there you go.

Draw something that you want over your wall; may it be geometric designs or crossovers. To give your wall a different look, you can also decorate it with posters. Measure your frames with the help of painter's tape to map out the dimensions on your wall. This way, you can have a clear vision of how everything will look, after the art is executed. 

Labels & Reminders 


There’s so much that a human mind is involved in that we tend to skip things out of our mind. This is where reminders come handy. Sticky notes may lose grip and fall off the wall or can fly away with a subtle breeze. However, painter’s tape has a stronger grip and you need not worry about it damaging the surface where it is stuck on.

You can label anything and everything with painter’s tape; be it a container in the kitchen or a bunch of cables lying around the room.

Decorate With Your Paint Unaffected


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Do you have a birthday party lined up at your place? Are you planning to fill your living room with various decorative items such as balloons, crape papers, etc? When it comes to putting up these things on the wall using ordinary or double-sided tapes, it can affect your wall paint. 

Painter’s tape, on the other hand, doesn’t have any negative effects on the wall paint. So, decorate as you want, without worrying about the paint because the painter’s tape has got your back.



Painter’s tape has many uses than just being used for a simple paint job. So, unleash your creativity and use painter’s tape in any of the ways we’ve mentioned above. What are you waiting for? Go create!


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