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5 Home Remedies To Launder Your Clothes That You Didn’t Know About

One can have busy weekdays or lazy weekends, but getting rid of doing laundry is just not possible. Furthermore, the amount of laundry to be done is directly proportional to the number of people at home. More the people, the more the number of clothes to launder. Add to this the worry of separating whites from the colored, of colors getting faded, followed by stain removal. Ugh! The struggle is real! 

Since stepping outside is still fearful for many, let’s look at some home remedies that can do the task of cleaning clothes just as easily as manufactured products. Keep your worries of stepping out aside for we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin, shall we? 

  1. Magic of Salt

Have your fabrics been bleeding every time they’ve been put to wash? If this happens to you and you want to put a stop to this, simply add a tablespoon of salt along with your detergent. It is a definite way to prevent colors from bleeding. Some even believe this to be the cure since it stops clothes from bleeding ever again. 

Wondering how salt helps to stop color bleeding altogether? This is because the Chloride found in salt helps to seal the color of fabrics, keeping it from bleeding away. Use this the next time you experience your clothes bleeding colors as it is one of the best natural remedies for fabric-care.

  1. Vinegar- The Fabric Softener

Vinegar is one of the important ingredients when it comes to food. It is equally important when it comes to laundry as well. When you notice your fabrics going rough, add vinegar as you put your clothes to launder and voila! The problem is solved! It is advisable to use just 2 tbsp of vinegar as too much of it can be harmful to clothes as well.

  1. Smell Matters

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Everyone likes to smell good, isn't it? It not only makes one feel good but also adds to having a good personality. Most of us carry perfumes when we step out. However, the situation is a little different now that we are at home most of the time. These days we do get products that make our clothes smell amazingly good. 

But if we had to go for a home remedy that makes our clothes smell naturally good it would be using vinegar and the flavor essence of your choice. A little tip from us would be to choose Lavender, as it is preferred by many. You only need to add 3-4 drops to 2 tbsp of vinegar you use. 

  1. Extra Care for Towels

Towels are a daily staple of our bath routine and hence require extra care. With frequent use, they tend to go rough which can be bad for our skin as well as can accumulate bacteria in them which needs to be cleaned. For towels, Vinegar alone would not do the trick. We recommend washing towels separately in two rounds. The first round would be by adding half a tablespoon of white vinegar and the second by adding half a tablespoon of baking soda.

  1. Fighting Stains

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No matter how careful you are while doing chores at home or otherwise, stains somehow find a way to appear on your clothes. Detergents do help once in a while, but they fail to remove the stain completely. A home remedy for this would be to use vinegar and baking soda. Apply this mixture directly on the stain, gently rub it over the clothing for better impact, and then wash it with your detergent as usual.


Today we have a lot of products that can come to our rescue when we need help with laundry, But, people could just as well launder clothes when the same did not exist. Home remedies or home hacks have been with us for a very long time. All we have to do is remember to use them well! 

We’ll soon be coming up with ways to treat different kinds of stains. Keep reading and learning with us. We at Washho believe in sharing our knowledge.

Washho looks after cleaning services related to home and office, interior cleaning services such as sofa and carpet, laundry and dry cleaning and so much more! In case you are looking for an all-round cleaner service in your city head to and contact us NOW! We clean, you relax!


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