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Stain Stain Go Away! Hacks To Make Your Clothes Stain-Free

Staining your favourite fabric is a terrible feeling, isn’t it? Moreover, the brighter the fabric, the worse a stain looks on it.

So are you someone who loves bright fabrics such as 50 different shades of white? If your answer is yes, here are a few tips to ease your stress over stains. 

Here are a few varied types of stains and hacks on how to deal with them. 

Coffee stains

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Most of us prefer starting their day with a cup of coffee, don’t we? And of course, we always are careful to not spill it all over us.  But we have our ‘Ohh no!’ moments during the day as well when we’ve accidentally dropped coffee all over our clothes. 

How can one resolve this? Here are a few ways: 

  • Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Pour this on the stain so that the dirt particles lose grip over the cloth.

  • Or, dip a toothbrush in vinegar and rub over the stain. It will help the solution reach deep within the affected area.

  • Finally, wash your fabric as usual.

Armpit stains

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A hot and humid day brings with it beads of sweat that keeps rolling down on our back and other areas of the body. Many people fear getting armpit stains as they can stink as well as leave a mark on clothes. Initially showing up as white patches over clothes, they can slowly turn yellow over time.

Don't know how to get rid of these stains? Here’s how you can: 

  • Crush a few aspirins in a few drops of water. Or squeeze some lemon juice and mix it with some baking soda.

  • Apply either of these solutions on the stains and let them stay for about 15 minutes.

  • Then, wash your clothes as usual.

Ketchup Stains

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Aah…who doesn't like ketchup with french fries, right? But as much as ketchup can make us feel good while consuming it, its stains on our clothes don't. 

But whether it is a drop or a big blob, here’s how you can get rid of it! 

  • Make use of a combination of vinegar and baking soda.

  • Some dish soap will boost the process, make sure to add it.

  • Rub it gently with a toothbrush over the stain and leave it as it is for a while. 

  • Then, wash your clothes as usual.

Oil stains

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You may have been cooking in the kitchen or eating something oily. Either way oil stains can always find their way onto your clothes. 

In most cases, oil stains tend to go off by detergent itself. However, if they don't, here’s what you can do: 

  • Apply some baby powder over the stain and let it settle for a while. The baby powder will soak the oil in the stain and thus, make it easier to get rid of while washing.

  • Or you can add some dish soap and rub it gently with a toothbrush.

  • After using either of these tricks, you can wash your clothes as usual.

Ink stains

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Many people carry a pen in their pocket. It is hard to know if the ink in the pen has leaked and leaves a stain behind in its place. One only realises its presence when it's too late. If you are upset thinking that your favourite shirt is stained and needs to be dumped, then cheer up for we have hacks that can fix this! 

Here’s how:

  • Take a bunch of tissues and place it under the stain.

  • Spray some window cleaner over the stain.

  • Wait for the tissues to soak the stain.

  • Then, wash it as usual.

Wine Stains

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Imagine this: you are having a good time at dinner with some yummy food and exceptional wine. Everything is going good till you lose your grip over the wine glass and then splash! The wine is all over the table cloth as well as your clothes.   The wine has not only ruined your clothes but also your mood. 

How do you fix this stain: 

  • Take a vessel, upturn it to place the stained part over it like a lid.

  • Grab some salt and apply it all over the stain.

  • Next, boil some water and pour it on the stain.

  • Then guess what? Just wash it as usual.

Here’s a bonus hack! Did you notice a chewing gum stuck to your fabric? Take an ice cube and place it on the gum. The gum will freeze and you can take it off easily. 


Stains hold the tendency to spoil both your fabric and your mood. Even as you can fix your mood, we can fix your fabric. Stain of any kind can be fixed with the help of the right trick in place. If you still need help, Washho is just a call away! 


Washho looks after cleaning services related to home and office, interior cleaning services such as sofa and carpet, laundry and dry cleaning and so much more! In case you are looking for an all-round cleaner service in your city head to and contact us NOW! We clean, you relax!


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