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Quick Cleaning Tips For Lazy People

Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Lazy people usually come up with the quickest solutions to problems as they are unwilling to spend too much time or energy on any one task. 

In today’s article, we plan on serving quick tips to these lazy individuals instead of asking them for some. The rule is simple: Fewer efforts and significant results.

So are you ready to get smarter at your cleaning work? We have some brilliant tips lined up just for you!

Tip Number 1: Get An Air Blower!

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An air blower is a must-have gadget, not just for lazy cleaners, but everyone in general. Why? Because it is one of the finest multipurpose tools you can find. When it comes to cleaning, an air blower can help you blow away dust from every possible corner of your home. Want to clean your computer, door or window tracks, the back of your fridge or TV? An air blower is the answer to this!

Tip Number 2: Use Tongs To Dust Your Window Grills & Blinds

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Forget the struggle to twist and turn your hand over and over while cleaning your window grill or blinds. You can create your own cleaning device that is efficient and doesn’t require you to twist anything (we understand the struggle, honestly):

  • Fetch a pair of tongs and microfiber cloth from your kitchen.

  • Tie the cloth to each end of the tong with a rubber band. 

  • Now use this as cleaning tongs for your grills and other curtain blinds within your home! Cleaning just got easier!

Tip Number 3: Magic Of A Lint Roller

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Lint roller is a lazy individual’s best friend when it comes to cleaning. They work best to clean clothes, sofa covers and other cloth-based furniture at home. Also, if you have a pet at home, then having a lint roller is a must, as it picks up on fur from clothes and other surfaces quickly. 

Use this when you have significantly less time on hand and a lot of cleaning to do. All you have to do is roll it over the dusty area and voila! You have a clean home in your hands. Just remember that your parents might kick you out if you use this technique every other day. So keep these only for those emergency cleaning sessions!

Tip Number 4: Dust Your Keyboard With A Toothbrush

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Since before the pandemic, our laptops and personal computers were probably the few non-living things that we spent most of our time with. Therefore, whether they are for your casual or office use, your devices and their add-ons deserve some cleaning too. 

Let’s take keyboards for example. A toothbrush makes it very convenient for cleaning the dust accumulated on and around the keys of your keyboard. This will save your keyboard from malfunctioning and eventually, save money on repairs. You’re already smarter if you thought that you could just use an air blower here!

Tip Number 5: Level Up With an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Why get up to sweep or vacuum clean while this little gadget can do the work on its own? If you have a big space and especially a pet, this device can take a burden off your shoulders. Just follow the instructions thoroughly before you start using it, and you’re all set! You don’t have to worry about cleaning the floor at all!


Irrespective of whether one is lazy or not, we often find ways to get rid of our cleaning chores. However, if you’re lazy enough, you will come up with quick and efficient ideas for cleaning.  Make sure to share your ideas with us so that we can share them further. 

If you find yourself not wanting to move from your couch at all, book our services at Washho and watch our experts clean your home while you binge on your favorite show or a bag of chips!


Washho looks after cleaning services related to home and office, interior cleaning services such as sofa and carpet, laundry and dry cleaning and so much more! In case you are looking for an all-round cleaner service in your city head to and contact us NOW! We clean, you relax!


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