Working from home? Now work from a “clean” home

Do you remember the days when you woke up at 5 am, left home at 8 am, had an 8-hour office work, came home to have dinner and a good night’s sleep? You did this for five whole days until the arrival of your weekend. The weekends were usually spent rejuvenating oneself and catching up on pending household chores. 

Well, this was life before the pandemic happened to us. The “during” and “post” months of the pandemic, saw people no longer having a fixed working time, let alone weekends off. Since every space at home has turned into a workspace, the lines between home and office have somewhat blurred. People have little time to spend with family and cleaning duties are now a faraway thought. 

As you are reading this, you may probably be sitting between a pile of clothes to be washed, the dusting and vacuuming to catch up on, besides your daily household duties (especially in case you do not employ a house help). 

Wondering how to get a clean home while you’re working from home? Stick with us to find out! 

  1. Put things away immediately. 

We can understand that at times you may be busy to the point that getting up from your seat to do your chores may feel like a huge waste of time. But now you have a damp circle on your bed from the bath towel you left on it in the morning for a client call, and you are frustrated looking at it. 

If you had taken a moment to put it away at the same moment, you would not be staring at a wet ring on your bed. Putting things away immediately after use will make it faster and less overwhelming to maintain a clean home. 

A clean environment is a mood booster when it comes to working. When you sit in a cluttered space or are stressed about putting away things all the time, you may not feel like working at all. Make it a habit to put things away immediately after use so that your place looks and feels clean. 

  1. Small breaks for small chores 

You may have presentations and spreadsheets to work on but don’t keep yourself stuck to one place alone for long. Get up, take a walk around your place every 30minutes- 1 hour and tackle the small chores that you can do in about 10-15 minutes. 

Put a load of clothes into your washing machine, or sweep your floor or do a round of mopping while you are at it. This will not only give your eyes a break from always staring at the screen but will also help you stretch your body as you work around the house. Voila! You have accomplished some cleaning for the day! Take more mini-breaks to knock out little tasks whenever you can.

  1. Clean every day for 10 minutes

Yes, that’s right, do a little bit of cleaning every single day. If you pile all your cleaning tasks to be done on one whole day, it can be tiring not to mention a waste of your resting day as well. 


Instead, divide your tasks into days just like workout enthusiasts divide the parts of their body to be worked on for each day of the week. This way, you don’t have to clean your entire house all at once!

You may wonder how but let us help you break down your tasks. Depending on the time you can set aside from work each day, you can divide your work in two ways. One, you can clean an entire room all at once, such as kitchen on Mondays, bedrooms on Tuesday, etc. Or, you can divide it according to tasks such as dusting on Monday, vacuuming on Tuesday etc.

  1. Clean hard surfaces regularly 

Hard surfaces such as kitchen tops, toilet bowls need to be cleaned regularly for them to remain clean and germ-free. The more you leave it for later, the more layers of dust and grime will you see collected on it. Then when you proceed to clean these eventually, you will have to put up double the effort than you ideally would. 

Imagine a kitchen top that gets wiped down a few times every week. It looks spotless and takes less effort from you every day. Keeping the pandemic in mind, we are aware of how coronavirus germs can stay on hard surfaces from 3 hours to 3 days even. So, vow to clean hard surfaces often to keep them clean and your home virus-free. 

  1. Take the help of your family. 


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Cleaning an entire house may seem like a daunting task for a single person. With more pairs of hands at work, the tasks can be accomplished faster. Start by making a list of the tasks that you have to do for the week and then divide it in between family members. Maybe you can do the kitchen, and your husband takes up cleaning the living room. Once in a while, you can also swap chores amongst yourselves to not get bored of doing the same tasks every time.

Note: The time of the pandemic has been hard on all of us, both mentally and physically. Longer working hours, surrounded by negativity, cooped up within your house etc. can all take a toll on your health. There will be days when you may not feel like cleaning, and that’s okay. Don’t be discouraged on those days or be hard on yourself for not keeping your house clean. Take that day off from cleaning and get back at it with double the zeal the next day!


Working from home is more difficult than one could have imagined. However, clean space can have a great effect on your mood and motivate you to work better. Do small yet regular cleaning tasks to not work from a clean and pleasant home!

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