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3 Reasons Why Your Home is in Need of Deep Cleaning


Who doesn't like a clean and shiny home with the festival season coming upon us? But with a busy schedule of working from home, including your maid who is doing your daily chores, you may not get time to clean your home, corner to corner. The reason? It takes hours out of your day time to get it cleaned! 

Simply dusting your home isn't enough to make your house clean. It requires a better and deeper treatment, one that home cleaning services like Washho specialize in. Our services are here to save your time and energy, to make your home look and feel more like your home ready to welcome guests!

But you may wonder 'Is my home really in need of a deep clean? If so, why?' Here are three reasons why… 

Reason 1: Festivals

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Festivals this year may not look the same as every year with social distancing in the picture. Even as you may only spend the festival with your family, you still need to make your home festive ready! A sparkling clean home that looks, feels, and smells good is a mood booster. Not to forget the positive vibes it spreads around your space.

Reason 2: Precautionary Move Against Covid-19

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Since Covid-19 has come into the picture of our lives, we are taking all possible precautions to avoid it by wearing masks, using sanitizers, etc. The question stands, but what about our homes? 

Just as we thoroughly clean ourselves to safeguard ourselves from the virus, our homes need cleaning too for the same safety reasons. After all, why take risks which can be avoided? 

Reason 3: Maintain Hygiene


The disinfectant and insect repellent advertisements you watch on tv, give you a clear image of what the gradually increasing dirt in the corners of your home can do to you. We are sure that you would want your loved ones to live in a hygienic environment. 

Furthermore, you may have a newborn, senior citizens, or a pet residing. That is when you need to be much more careful about the health and hygiene of every individual who is a little more prone to infections. Maintaining simply yet thorough hygiene, in this case, becomes a necessity more than a mere formality. 


Home cleaning is a tough task to catch up to but one that needs to be done from time to time. Finding one hour a day to get your home cleaned is a better idea than doing 5 hours on a Sunday. In case, you still struggle with finding time to get your home deep cleaned and ready in time for Diwali, Washho is just a call away! Let us help you do the work rightly with a spice of expertise. Forget the struggle to turn your home upside down. You don't even have to spend on expensive gadgets because we got your back. Like we always say, 'We clean. You relax.' It's that simple.


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