5 Steps to Simplify Festival Cleaning

The festival season is upon us with Dussehra soon approaching and Diwali following suit. This is the time that families around the country begin deep cleaning their homes, leaving not a single cobweb behind.

Festivals are ideally the time when guests visit your place, which may not be the case this year due to the pandemic. Even so, you need to clear and tidy up your place like every year to make your home festival-ready. 

For the ones that love cleaning, deep cleaning in itself feels like a festival. But those that fear the tiring task of cleaning every nook and corner, it might be scary, so here are a few things you can do to simplify the process:

  1. Create a Schedule 

Since home cleaning is a big task that can take hours out of your time, it is best to create a schedule for the same. Since most individuals are working from home, you can spare an hour or two each day and devote it towards cleaning a specific area of your home. For example, you can clean your bathroom on Sunday, Kitchen on Tuesday and bedrooms on Wednesday and Thursday.

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In the case that your clearing of rooms takes more than a day, then that is fine. Create a systematic plan that can help you clean the place besides working from home and undertaking regular chores of housework.

  1. Prioritise Your Tasks

When it comes to cleaning your home, every area is equally important. However, what can simplify the cleaning process is prioritising your tasks in terms of those that can be easily cleaned and those that will take a while.

For example, objects like light, fan, or furniture can be cleaned easily. But, hard surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen tops and toilet bowls will take a while of time and human effort to clean. Divide your tasks in terms of ‘easy’ and ‘tough’ and then began going about the cleaning process.

  1. Do Not Pause in Between 

If you are an individual that detests cleaning in the first place, it can be easy to let go of the task halfway. However, it's best if you don’t do so since the next time you will have more on your plate to clean that you initially began working on. Instead, remain focused on your task and start and finish your task in a single breath. Don’t leave your cleaning task pending for it will only be a waste of your time later.

  1. Work for Specific Hours

With everyone working from home and managing household duties alongside, deep cleaning can be an additional task to take on. Instead of thinking about skipping it, you can do two things. Assign yourself to work on it for 1-2 hours each day. This way you get something done every day and very soon you have a clean home at your hands.

Or, you can assign this task to Washho. Washho is a cleaning service that when assigned to clean your home can do within a few hours while you are doing your chores. You can leave the task on them and relax! Try this service to know for yourself.

  1. Clean Your Kitchen First

Believe it or not, the kitchen can accumulate a lot of dirt over time such as the constant cooking, spilt oil, spots across the walls of the kitchen etc. These will take you more than just an hour of cleaning to get all of them out.

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Tackle kitchen the first to get the bigger task out of your hands and then move on to other areas of your home. Cleaning your kitchen tiles, vessels, containers can be quite a tedious task.


Festival cleaning is a tough task but once done gives the home a beautiful, clean and positive vibe. Use the above-mentioned ways to clean your home and make it festival-ready for yourself and your family! And if you find that tough amidst working from home, Washho is simply a call away!



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