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Effectively Clean Your Clothes During Covid-19

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COVID-19 has made all of us self-reliant. From Katrina doing her dishes on camera to your siblings sweeping the floor, the pandemic has made us all contribute to household chores in one way or another. While most tasks are manageable, laundry seems to be an uphill struggle. This is since people stepping out of their homes could come into contact with potential carriers of the virus. 

A study published by Hackensack Meridian Health found that at room temperature, COVID-19 stayed on fabric for up to two days in comparison with plastic or metal. While we sanitise our hands and personal belongings every few hours, our clothes continue to be at risk of coming in contact with the virus. 

With the ‘unlock’ period of lockdown in motion, people are stepping out and hence can come in contact with the virus. Here are four ways to wash your clothes effectively at home amidst COVID-19:

  1. Pre-Laundry Care

It is advisable to wear disposable gloves while handling dirty laundry to avoid the risk of transmission of the virus. When done, remove the gloves and wash your hands right away. Refrain from dusting the clothes as you put them for wash. Make sure you disinfect the surface that was in contact with the laundry by disinfecting it with cleaning wipes or sprays.

2. Wash High-Risk Items Separately

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Clothing items such as cotton masks, reusable gloves and healthcare workers' uniforms are at a high risk of transmitting the virus and should be dealt with utmost care. Do not mingle them with regular laundry and instead wash them separately.


3. Soak Clothes in Hot Water

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According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the UK, clothes should be disinfected in water with a temperature ranging between 40 to 60 degree Celsius. Soaking clothes in hot water also softens the fabric enabling the detergent to absorb faster. Additionally, the high heat of water kills any germs that may have stuck to the fabric. 

4. Drying Clothes Immediately

Once the clothes are washed well, let them dry in an airy room with ample sunlight. Hang them separately to let the fabric breathe, allowing them to dry faster. Germs have a high chance of transferring to one another through the pile of damp clothes, if not dried immediately.

If you use a washing machine to wash your clothes, leave the door open for some time once the laundry is done, to allow the machine to dry the clothes completely.

5. Steaming

Heat kills germs - this is a no brainer. Steam, being a natural disinfectant, kills germs & allergens and also removes wrinkles effectively. Steaming is not a common practice in middle-class households, in which case you can rely on ironing.



Wearing clean clothes that are free of Covid-19 germs are as essential as sanitising your hands and belongings. Ensure to clean your clothes regularly using the ways suggested above. As much as it is necessary to wear clean clothes for hygiene reasons, wrapping yourself in a crisp & clean fabric is one of the quickest ways to improve your mood in these gloomy times. 


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