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Effectively Clean Your Clothes During Covid-19

Image source: COVID-19 has made all of us self-reliant. From Katrina doing her dishes on camera to your siblings sweeping the floor, the pandemic has made us all contribute to household chores in one way or another. While most tasks are manageable, laundry seems to be an uphill struggle. This is since people stepping out of their homes could come into contact with potential carriers of the virus.  A study published by Hackensack Meridian Health found that at room temperature, COVID-19 stayed on fabric for up to two days in comparison with plastic or metal. While we sanitise our hands and personal belongings every few hours, our clothes continue to be at risk of coming in contact with the virus.  With the ‘unlock’ period of lockdown in motion, people are stepping out and hence can come in contact with the virus. Here are four ways to wash your clothes effectively at home amidst COVID-19: Pre-Laundry Care It is advisable to wear disposable gloves while handling dirty la

Wondering Which Colour Suits Your Home the Best? This is How You Can Know.

The festival season is upon us, and everyone is looking to revamp their homes. Some prefer a light makeover by only adding lights and accessories to make their home look warm and welcoming. Others prefer to go all in and change the entire look of their home during Diwali;  a grand festival across India. . Changing colours and décor gives the home a refreshed feel and makes you want to invite guests. Even as deciding to paint one's home is easy, deciding on the colour palette for rooms, isn't. Here are five ways you can decide which colour suits your home the best. Research Before You Buy Image Source: You may seem short on painting colours if you don't know the latest colours in the market.  Understand painting trends and patterns you can play with when it comes to revamping homes. It is always best to research a little before you go ahead and buy yourself some paint. While researching look up the trending colours and colour combinations that work well, pr

Your DIY Home Painting Guide

The pandemic has made an artist out of us. People have begun exploring their hobbies and interests while nurturing them in the time that they have been in lockdown. Some have taken to writing, music creation, learning to play an instrument, learn a language or cooking amongst many others. With unexpected time at hand, people have been doing things that they never thought they would find the time to do. Today social distancing is the norm and people are hesitant to let outsiders within their homes. So, when it comes to things such as repairs and fixtures too, people are doing it themselves. This is something that they would ideally pass on to electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc. But can things like painting too be taken up by people to be done on their own? Looking to paint your home this lockdown as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project? Or maybe because the festival season is upon us? Read on to our home painting guide to know how you can go about it on your own: Envision Your Newly Paint

5 Steps to Simplify Festival Cleaning

The festival season is upon us with Dussehra soon approaching and Diwali following suit. This is the time that families around the country begin deep cleaning their homes, leaving not a single cobweb behind. Festivals are ideally the time when guests visit your place, which may not be the case this year due to the pandemic. Even so, you need to clear and tidy up your place like every year to make your home festival-ready.  For the ones that love cleaning, deep cleaning in itself feels like a festival. But those that fear the tiring task of cleaning every nook and corner, it might be scary, so here are a few things you can do to simplify the process: Create a Schedule  Since home cleaning is a big task that can take hours out of your time, it is best to create a schedule for the same. Since most individuals are working from home, you can spare an hour or two each day and devote it towards cleaning a specific area of your home. For example, you can clean your bathroom on Sunday, Kitchen

Working from home? Now work from a “clean” home

Do you remember the days when you woke up at 5 am, left home at 8 am, had an 8-hour office work, came home to have dinner and a good night’s sleep? You did this for five whole days until the arrival of your weekend. The weekends were usually spent rejuvenating oneself and catching up on pending household chores.  Well, this was life before the pandemic happened to us. The “during” and “post” months of the pandemic, saw people no longer having a fixed working time, let alone weekends off. Since every space at home has turned into a workspace, the lines between home and office have somewhat blurred. People have little time to spend with family and cleaning duties are now a faraway thought.  As you are reading this, you may probably be sitting between a pile of clothes to be washed, the dusting and vacuuming to catch up on, besides your daily household duties (especially in case you do not employ a house help).  Wondering how to get a clean home while you’re working from home? Stick with

Can dry-cleaning clothes kill COVID-19?

  Never could anyone imagine a pandemic being upon us, much less the effects that one has witnessed since its emergence. People have inculcated habits and adopted lifestyles that they couldn’t have fathomed in the pre-COVID era.    Some of these habits are wearing a mask, frequently sanitising hands and surfaces and maintaining social distancing every time they step out of their homes. Although these are habits that were in existence in the pre-COVID era, their importance was only understood during the pandemic.  SARS-CoV-2 , the virus that causes Coronavirus can stay on a hard surface from 3 hours to 3 days depending upon the surface. So one may have been sanitising their hands and surfaces around them, but what about laundry and dry cleaning? How have you been handling dry-cleaning at home? If you are wondering if your laundry and dry-cleaning habits need to be changed, then the answer is “Yes”.  You may be faced with the below questions while choosing to dry clean at home. 

Keep Your Home! Dust Free

The fight with dust isn't simple. It appears that each time you go over your racks and furniture to dispose of the residue, it works for two or three days. At that point dust finds a route back and the cycle starts once more. So you either need to stress over it continually and clean each day, or you must be somewhat more astute about it. As expert or you. Further more, recollect – in the event that you are not up for the assignment, you can generally call your preferred cleaners Bangalore we have a considerable amount of involvement with managing dust, so we are going to give a couple of tips on the best way to deal with everything all alone. Not with standing, regardless of how hard you battle it, normal cleanups are as yet going to be vital. This is the place we can support you. For an unassuming charge you can demand our customary cleaning administrations and appreciate a crisp home consistently. In any case, presently – how about we see the tips! Residue likes to