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Here’s A 5-Step Guide To Clean Your Refrigerator At Home

Do you think that refrigerators are more energy-efficient if it has more items in it? Well, that depends on the nature of the items stored. The more heat within the fridge, the more energy it consumes to push that heat out. No wonder all the mothers on this planet stop us from keeping warm items in there! You finally have an explanation to avoid keeping the door open for a long time, as the room temperature can interfere with the fridge’s temperature.

However, it’s about how you maintain your refrigerator for its longer life, and cleaning it regularly is a vital element of maintenance.

Here are some steps & hacks you could use to do the job efficiently.

Step 1: Switch Off The Refrigerator & Vacant It

It would be best if you didn’t keep the fridge on while you clean it - it’s a waste of energy. So the first thing you do is turn it off. The next thing you can do is vacant it and take out all the stuff from inside. If you have items inside your freezer that might get damaged instantly, it’s advisable to store them in an icebox.

If you’re placing the stuff on a wooden table, make sure you put a plastic table mat, as the cold items will tend to leave behind water.

Step 2: Gather The Cleaning Supplies

Soap or detergent can leave behind fumes that your food can absorb. Use warm water and baking soda solution instead. It will do the job well without making your food smell like detergent. Baking soda is also a great gentle scrubber for tough, dried-on stains. Besides, you’d require a microfiber cloth, butter knife, a brush.

Step 3: Start With The Door Seals

Use a brush to take out the crumbs & other debris before applying the baking soda solution on the door seals. Now, you need a butter knife wrapped with a cloth to get into the crevices and deep clean the door seals.

Step 4: Clean The Main Body

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Grab a microfiber cloth and dip it in the baking soda solution. Now it’s time you wipe your fridge thoroughly- start with taking out the trays and baskets for your convenience. Then, move ahead to the main body, followed by the freezer. Then, put the shelves & baskets back to their places.

Remember! Don’t use hot water on cold glass shelves. They might crack. Let them come down to room temperature, and then clean them with the same solution.

Finally, get to the outside of the refrigerator. You could use the same solution or a multi-surface cleaner solution from the market. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the external stains.

Step 5: Clean The Condenser Coils

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Unplug the fridge. Use a coil brush on condenser coils first, and bring in the vacuum to clean further. Keeping your coils dirt-free can help your fridge run better.

There you go! Your refrigerator is back to your service. Plug it in and put the items back in. Don’t forget to wipe away the released water around them.


When you have the enthusiasm and right supplies with you, activities like cleaning your appliances become fun. You could always spare some help from kids in your home. They can easily wipe off the water from the items before putting them back.

Using this 5-Step guide, you could clean your refrigerator just right!


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