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A Step-By-Step Guide To Clean Your Wall-Stains Effortlessly

The thought of cleaning your walls effectively could feel like a challenging task. However, once completed, it feels gratifying too, as it rewards you with pristine & spotless walls. Routinely cleaning your walls does not allow accumulation of dust, resulting in fewer efforts to clean the same. But let’s be honest, how many of us do this regularly? 

With a constant struggle to balance both personal and professional life, cleaning is the last thing on our minds. Work that involves cleaning often feels hectic, too, doesn’t it? Perhaps, the one thing you could do is reduce your efforts by learning how to clean quickly yet efficiently.

But you know what’s an even better, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative? To contact an on-demand professional cleaning service such as Washho. Professional cleaning services make it easy for you to clean your place at an affordable price. But if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, there are many easy ways to do them yourself. 

With respect to cleaning walls, getting rid of dust & stains is essential. Let’s walk you through a simple guide for cleaning your walls. 

Step 1: Cover Your Furniture & Carpet

The furniture closest to your wall needs to be adequately covered to avoid damage of any kind. For this, you can use makeshift wrappers such as newspapers or old sheets. Take down items like paintings or other wall decors.

Accumulate your furniture and other things in the center of the room so you could begin with the cleaning process. In case your floorings are covered with carpets, remember to cover them as carpets often trap a lot of dust.

Step 2: Dust The Walls

Dusting is a crucial yet often omitted step before you begin cleaning anything using detergent. Use either a broom, dusting brush, or a vacuum cleaner to dust your walls. Make use of a ladder or a stool to reach high corners where you can find the maximum amount of dust and cobwebs.

Step 3: Treat The Stains & Spots

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You could use a warm water solution for painted walls that comprises either dish soap or baking soda mixed in water. You could also make use of a multipurpose cleaning solution that you can easily get in any supermarket.

Test this solution product in an inconspicuous area of your wall before cleaning the stain off your entire wall to ensure that the stain remover won't destroy your paint job.

On the other hand, in the case of wallpapers, scrub the stains off with a vinegar and water solution. For ink, crayon, or marker stains, you could use a liquid solvent cleaner, such as WD-40. Use this solution the same way as you did with the warm water solution and see how well the stains come off your walls!

Step 4: Wash Your Walls

Prepare two buckets to clean your walls comprehensively. Fill one bucket with the cleaning solution made of soapy water with some vinegar and the other with plain water. Use a microfiber cloth dampened in the solution to wash your walls gently.

Then, lightly rinse the wall with water every 5 minutes after you apply the solution. It will help you wash away the dirt accumulated within the cleaning solution after applied to the walls. Remember to change the rinsing water when it begins to look dirty. Finally, dab your walls dry with a soft towel.


The cleaning procedure depends on the type of paint applied to your walls. It is important to note this at the start to ensure that cleaning the walls does not damage the paint in any way. Therefore, remember to test your cleaning solutions before you splash it across your entire wall.

If you have second thoughts on cleaning your walls on your own, you could skip all this struggle and have your walls cleaned by us here at Washho! We are just a call away! 


Washho looks after cleaning services related to home and office, interior cleaning services such as sofa and carpet, laundry and dry cleaning, painting, and so much more! In case you are looking for an all-round cleaner service in your city, head to and contact us NOW! We clean, you relax!


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