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3 Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Stains

“Cleanliness is a mindset – a positive habit that keeps the body, mind, and environment happy, healthy, simple, neat, and delightful.”- Amit Ray.

Living in a sanitized and spotless environment is a practice being followed since the olden times.  It’s relevance is only increasing day by day thanks to the pandemic. With new viruses being discovered every few days, it has become a compulsion for all to make sure that they develop a cleaner lifestyle for themselves and those living with them. During the past year, with everyone stuck up in their homes, cleaning had become a hot topic for everyone. 

When it comes to our homes, the bathroom is the one place we are definite that germs and viruses are bound to exist. Sanitizing and purifying the bathroom space at regular intervals can keep you safe from unlikely diseases that cause skin infections, allergies, etc. Maintaining one’s bathroom hygiene can feel like quite a tedious task to perform on your own.  This is where cleaning services like Washho can come to your rescue. 

Stains on your bathroom floors, walls, or your toilet seats often give out a grimy impression to your guests! And  Older the stains, harder they are to be erased. 

Here are 3 ways you can get rid of bathroom stains effortlessly! 

  1. Use Baking Soda And Vinegar For Cleaning! 

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A combination of baking soda and vinegar allows you to remove stains and spots from your toilet seats, water pipes, floors, tiles, etc. Create a paste of these two ingredients, apply them on the walls and nooks of your bathroom, and leave them overnight. When you clean them off in the morning, you will find yourself with a shiny bathroom.

How did this happen? Baking soda, acts as a mild alkali, makes the spots and greases easier to remove. The acidic content present in vinegar effectively washes off the stains as well as acts as a deodorant. Wiping your pipes and sink units with vinegar and water aids you in removing the lime build-up that tends to form over time. These  are cost-effective alternatives to the commercial cleaning products often advertised on your television.

2.    Pumice Stone To Remove Stains Off Your Skin And Sink! 

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Pumice sticks, available in your local or general stores, can be substituted for all your time  and hard work spent behind erasing stubborn hard water stains.  However, remember to  soak the pumice stone  before cleaning the stained areas in warm water is a must. Make sure that both the rock and the place are dampened to avoid abrasions of any kind. Scrape off the stain gently, and voila!   The stain is no more!

  1. Ensure That Metals Are Dry At All Times

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Metals, when come in contact with liquids, tend to form a layer of rust around themselves. This would, in turn, erode the metal to the point making it useless for any purpose. Therefore, ensuring that such surfaces are kept dry from time to time is a must. You can do this by using a sponge scrub pad which absorbs the water content as well as scrubs the rust off. 


Unhygienic conditions can cause damage to both us as well as the environment to great extents. Having a cleaner surrounding , one that is free of stains and grime, can be a nuisance to be around. If you find yourself without time to give your bathroom a stain free look, Washho is just a call away! 


Washho looks after cleaning services related to home and office, interior cleaning services such as sofa and carpet, laundry and dry cleaning, painting, and so much more! In case you are looking for an all-round cleaner service in your city, head to and contact us NOW! We clean, you relax!


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