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Quirky Painting Ideas To Spruce Your Home

A house is where you reside while a home is what you create. A home reflects the personality of the one residing in it. Whether it is designing your rooms with aesthetic decor or painting it up with colours of your taste, creativity within your home will speak of who its residents are. 

We often hear people say, “walls have ears”. Well not just ears, they even have the ability to speak. Confused? It’s you who gives them that voice, and the same voice speaks to you through colours and designs. The colour style you decide shapes the personality of your home and later your own mood as our homes have the ability to affect our mood. 

Here’s a bunch of some innovative painting ideas, choose the best one for your walls:

  • Patterned Roller Painting

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If you’ve never seen a patterned paint roller, then you are in for a big treat! Patterned rollers are nothing but rollers that have miniature designs or pictures moulded into their surface. It includes two rollers, the patterned roller which makes contact with the wall and the secondary roller that picks up the paint to leave back the imprints. If you wanted something on the lines of a wallpaper but were afraid that it could get ruined soon, try patterned roller painting. You can choose your designs and create your customised design wall! 

  • Sponging

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Sponge painting is a technique that uses a sea sponge to create a beautiful array of colour effects and give your walls a faux finish. It’s an easy way to add liveliness to your dull walls.

Sponging acts out to be pocket-friendly, so you need not squeeze your budget. This is also a good way to mask minor flaws that may have incurred on your walls over the years. 

  • Wall Stencilling


DIY lovers here’s your treat! Stencils are outlines of designs and patterns that are readily available in a number of varieties. Wall stencilling is yet another affordable alternative to wallpapers. They’re easy to use, look good on the walls and provide the walls with designs that have clean edges. Pick the right stencil, and design the walls with patterns you love!

  • Go Sparkly With Metallics

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Inspired from fashion runways around the world, metallics have made their way in home decor. Metallic paints are wall finishes that coax ambient light and add shimmery/glittery effect to your walls. Metallic wall coverings offer instant results and end the mystery of what the finish will look like when dry. This may not be everyone’s first choice but if you choose it, believe us the finished look would be oh-so-glam! 

  • The Ombre Effect

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If you’re looking for a number of shades to splash on your walls without making it seem too cluttered, then Ombre is your pick. Ombre is a decorative colour effect in which a single colour slowly melts into another creating a dreamy, water-coloured effect on your wall. Selecting the right shades that will blend with each other is the key to success in creating ombre walls. 


The sky's the limit when it comes to the types of creativity you can try on the walls of your home! Adding liveliness to the walls by picking unique painting ideas and shades of your choice is the most amazing thing you can do. So, customize your walls the way you like and take home decor to a new level!


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