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Not Sure How To Clean Home Appliances? Find Out How!

Our older generations lived a life devoid of home appliances. However, the current generation was born in an era where the industry of appliances saw a big boom leading to constant usage. Today they have made our lives easier and also impossible to live without. 

If you look closely, we are surrounded by appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, toaster, oven, air conditioner, blender, water-purifier, air purifier, and coffee maker. What's even more astonishing is that we make constant use of these appliances without giving a thought to cleaning these appliances regularly. Appliances, apart from routine maintenance, also require cleaning for optimal performance. 

You may smile to yourself, thinking that cleaning appliances are a cakewalk. But, beware as cleaning appliances the wrong way could get them damaged or, worse, spoiled and never to be used again. 

Are you beginning to worry already? Let us help you put your worries to rest by identifying some of the right ways to clean your home appliances. 

Microwave Oven: 

Microwave ovens are multipurpose in nature that is not only limited within the boundaries of your kitchen. Your microwave oven can be used to reheat and cook food, disinfect kitchen items, heat beauty products, roast items, and de-crystallizing honey. Who would've thought? With such myriad types of things getting heated in the microwave oven, you can imagine the number of things that get spilled and stuck to the surface. Over time, the insides of your oven may begin to look dirty or may get blackened. 

Here's what you need to do to clean it: 

  1. Switch off the microwave oven plug and keep it's door open to let any foul odor disappear from it.

  2. Clean the oven's outer and inner area using a piece of cloth soaked in lukewarm water. You can also add baking soda to the lukewarm water as it would help clean the surface better. 

Remember not to clean the microwave oven while it is plugged into the power socket. Keep the oven door open for a few hours till it is scorched before plugging in the cord for use.


It is inconceivable that one may not have a refrigerator at their home. For a family residing in a metro, a fridge is a must-have. Refrigerators are filled with eatables, both perishable and otherwise, such as leftover takeout food. As refrigerators are used daily, the chances of their insides getting spoilt easily are high. 

Here's how you can clean them: 

  • Mix some liquid soap in a bowl of water. Dip a waste cloth in this solution and wipe the inside and outer surface of your refrigerator well. 

  • As an alternative, you can also make use of vinegar to remove stains effectively. 

Washing Machine

In our bustling life that is partially spent at work and partially trying to catch up on rest, no one has the time to wash clothes with their hands anymore. Also, the invention of the washing machine has taken a load off our hands, quite literally. If you are wondering if washing machines require cleaning, when it is their job to clean clothes, then the answer is yes, they too require cleaning from time to time. 

Frequent washing of clothes results in the accumulation of dirt within its recesses, which needs to be regularly cleaned. Not to mention cleaning the lint that gets left behind from the previous load of clothes you washed. These days washing machines are inbuilt with systems to clean themselves at the touch of a button. If yours isn't built with such functions, you can opt to clean your washing machine with a solution of baking soda and lukewarm water. 

Electric Toaster: 

Toasters are a staple appliance in every kitchen. As bread is consumed almost every second day, toasters are frequently used. This frequency in usage leads to the toaster being filled with breadcrumbs and other dust particles. Before you clean the toaster, remember to unplug its cord from the power socket. Then, wash its crumb catcher by shaking it over the sink. This will also help you get rid of waste food stuck in the toaster.


Home appliances have become a necessity for us today than mere aid to our chores. This regular usage of appliances brings with it the need for regular cleaning as well. We've mentioned only a handful of appliances and how you can clean them. However, there are many more appliances that we make use of every day. Frequent cleaning of appliances leads to less damage and better performance. 


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