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4 Quick Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean!

Most of us love living in a clean space, don't we? But most of us aren’t inclined to get up and clean our homes; either because of personal commitments, professional lives or because you are just feeling lazy. 

Often you try and declutter the space you are sitting in, but you may not be interested in cleaning your entire house. We know how tedious and boring it can get.  

However, we have four hacks to keep your home clean. Read on…

  1. Use A Sponge After Shower

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Taking a shower feels good till we have to face the reality of cleaning the bathroom. But if we are simply taking a bath there, how does the bathroom get dirty? The remnants of soap and the dirt from our body sticks to the surfaces of your bathroom, which eventually leads to slimy walls and later, deep stains. Try this the next time you have a bath: Keep a sponge or wiper in your bathroom. After your shower, wipe the glasses down using either of these tools. It cleans dirt from the surfaces instantly!

2. Erase Crayon Marks On The Wall With A Toothpaste:

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Kids are playful and can sometimes act naughty. While growing up, they are introduced to the concept of crayons which they make use of to explore across the walls of their home. If your paint isn't one that can help remove these crayon stains easily, you are in for some big trouble. Use toothpaste to rub the affected crayon area and voila! Your wall will sparkle within minutes!

3. Clean The Tiles with Detergent

Tiles within your home can get dirty if not cleaned regularly. Tiles with grime on them can make the place inhabitable for those living around it and for those visiting your home. A good quality detergent can be of help here. Rub the grime of your tiles with detergent and a brush to maintain their shine every time it fades. 

4. Clean Your Washing Machine With Vinegar

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Washing machines aid in keeping our clothes clean. But, it doesn't mean that your washing machine doesn't require any care and cleaning. You can use vinegar with warm water in the washing machine and run it for 2 to 3 minutes. This trick will clean your washing machine within a few minutes!



Though you may not like cleaning at your home, it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment. Regular cleaning work can bear good results over a period of time. If you feel cleaning to be a tedious task, Washho is just a call away!



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