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4 Simple Painting Hacks That Can Give Your Walls An Extraordinary Look

Don’t you feel a certain sense of contentment when you build your home from scratch? Small things like picking out the right upholstery, artifacts, or even the color of your walls can make you feel happy in an unimaginable way. 

You may prefer to paint your space on your own without seeking the help of a professional. One of the prime reasons for taking this route could be affordability. Of course, today, with services like Washho, customized painting options through a professional, too, are economical. 

However, if you still want to paint in an individual capacity, we have four hacks lined up for you that can give your walls an extraordinary look. 

1. Supplements To Paint Rollers

Most people prefer to use a paint roller as it can be used to paint without any hassle. If you, too, are making use of a paint roller, here’s a list of things that you can use to give your walls a distinct finish with the same tool. 

  1. Using A Natural Rope For a Raw Finish 

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Various types of ropes are available in the market, you can choose and pick. However, it is advisable to use a natural rope as it has more absorbing capacity compared to others. All you have to do is tie the rope around the roller and select a paint of your choice. Roll the brush on your walls to get a beautiful look on them!

  1. Wrap The Paint Roller With A Bubble Wrap

Image source:

Bubble wraps can be used for more than the mere popping of bubbles that give us immense satisfaction. They can be used for packing fragile objects or even painting your walls! How?  Wrap some bubble wrap around your roller, as shown in the picture, and run them on your walls! It will provide your walls with a unique finish once done.

  1. Make Use Of A Single Faced Cardboard Sheet

A corrugated cardboard sheet such as in the image above can give your walls a different texture that is hard to achieve with a mere painting of walls. Wrap it around the paint roller the same way as you did the bubble wrap. The next step is to apply a paint color that suits your taste and run it on your empty wall.

Note: While implementing any of these hacks, remember not to dip the entire paint roller in the paint tub. Use a tray instead so that only textures grab on to the paint.

2. Create Asymmetrical Designs With Painters Tape

Image Source:

Who knew geometry could one day make our walls look better? Random geometry figures with different shades of color, such as in the image above, could indeed look stunning on your wall. You can find painters tape at any hardware store. Apply this firmly on your walls to create designs that you can fill with paint colors of your choice.

You can either paint them in one single shade or try out numerous combinations. Paste the painters’ tape in such a way that it creates an interconnected effect to the onlooker. Once that is done, apply paint to the generated figures. Wasn’t that a simple way for a quirky wall effect? 

3. Use Sponges Of Different Shapes

Image Source:

Sponges are often used for painting by many people. You could try a different approach using a sponge other than a cuboid, as cuboidal sponges are too common. How about triangular ones? You could always experiment with different shapes on a sheet of paper to know which one would suit your walls better before actually applying it to your walls.

4. Paint Using Syringes!

Image Source:

Your first reaction may probably be, “Syringes, really?” Yes! Syringes (without needles, of course) can be a fun hack to use to give your walls an eccentric look. Imagine having streams of paint run down your walls! This hack is probably every child’s dream when it comes to painting the walls with color! Moreover, it is extremely satisfying! 

We haven’t even reached the best part of this hack yet. By using syringes, you could try an end number of colors to paint your walls! You never again have to worry about choosing a single color! There’s only one thing you need to be careful about; it is the placement of the point you will push out the paint. Once you do that right, you’re more than ready to do this. Try this hack on your walls!


Painting can feel like a challenging task until you add a fun element to it. It makes you feel pumped and geared up to take on this challenge. There are countless ways you can approach painting apart from the hacks given above. The most crucial factor here is to experiment and see what suits your walls best. If you know of more such hacks, please do let us know in the comment section below. We as well as our readers would love to hear from you.

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