Can Dry Cleaning Remove Stains?

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In life, we do come across stains on our clothes at one time or the other. Removing these stains becomes necessary for good grooming and staying smart. Most people opt to have their clothes cry cleaned but the question is, will this remove the stains. Read on and find out a number of dry cleaning facts you have never heard of before.

While removing fresh stains can be quite an easy task and also the best way to do it, it is not always possible as you may be in a place where it is not possible to do so. For non-washable fabric, you need to take them to the dry-cleaner as soon as possible in order to have the stains removed. This way, you will have greater chances of removing the stains or at least reducing them.

Unfortunately, some stains are permanent and simply become part of the fabric. In case of continued attempts to remove the stain, the fabric will be damaged. One can be eager to remove a stain but also cautious so as not to damage the fabric in the process. In the case of stubborn stains, strong solutions are needed in addition to a significant amount of mechanical action in order to remove them. When taking the garment to the dry cleaner for cleaning, it is advisable to point out the stain. This way, the stain can be identified early enough and the correct type of treatment applied in order to remove the stain.

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In recent days, garments are becoming more and more delicate especially the designer garments and the more costly ones. These should be taken care of properly and in case of stains, they have to be removed quickly before they become permanent. Most of the garments that have been stained are usually taken to the dry-cleaner because the person has been unable to remove the stain at home. With professional dry-cleaners, special solvents and equipment are used in order to remove or attempt to remove the stain.

Since not all kind of fabric can withstand the cleaning and stain removal agents used at the dry-cleaner, some stains cannot be removed. In order to get the best services you can at the dry-cleaner, always be honest and open with the type of stain and what caused it.

In conclusion, dry cleaning stain removing depends on the kind of stain and how long it has been on the garment. Not all kinds of stains can be removed as too much cleaning agents may damage the fabric. However, the stain can be reduced and become less visible.

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What is difference in Laundry and Dry cleaning?

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Depending on the type of clothing you have, it may need to be dry cleaned or wet-washed. Each methods has its advantages but knowing the best way to wash your clothes will ensure years of wear and enjoyment.

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Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning process uses solvents or chemicals to clean the clothes. It is “dry” because it doesn’t use water, as in normal wet laundering. Most laundries use the chemical perchloroethylene (PERC) to remove grease and stains from clothing. The clothes are put into a machine and washed during the tumbling cycle. Then the solvents are removed, filtered and recycled. Next, the clothes are dried in the dry cleaning machine and removed for steaming and ironing to remove wrinkles. Dry cleaning has some advantages over normal laundering: It effectively gets rid of grease and oil stains better; reduces garment shrinkage; minimizes decolonization; and protects the original condition of clothing.

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Laundry or Wet Cleaning

The traditional wet laundry cleaning method involves using detergent in water with the clothing during the washing cycle. Sometimes a spot remover is sprayed on a stain before washing. The detergent removes the dirt during the agitation process. Then the water then removed from the clothes during the spin cycle. The clothes are dried either in a dryer or hung up to dry and afterwards steamed and pressed to remove the wrinkles. Wet laundry also has its benefits: it is cheaper as only water and detergent are used; a quicker process since you can wash and dry at home in a few hours; no chemical odors as associated with chemicals used in dry cleaning; cloth softeners can be added for fragrance; laundry is more energy efficient, because energy consumption is almost fifty percent less than dry cleaning. While each method has its benefits, before you decide on which cleaning method to use, read the care label found on the clothing item or ask a professional at a laundry service for advise.

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