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Washho provides the Deep cleaning of the house and 3 Sofa cleaning at only  Rs 1.

With 5 sofa cleaning, One sofa at Rs 1

Washho challenges the price with the competitors within the market. With the Deep cleaning of the house get to avail of the  5 Kg of clothes laundry for FREE.

Offers avail only for a limited period of time.



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Diwali Offers near me laundry dry cleaning sofa cleaning

Best offers for washing days starts from Oct 25 

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Washing the clothes had been the need of every mankind nowadays those who are leaving in urban cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Chennai, Noida, etc more places. Earlier people used to wash and iron the clothes by themselves. Later on, people started giving their clothes to traditional dhobis for washing. But in both of this approach, there were several problems like high turnaround time, poor quality etc.

As people say necessity is the mother of Invention. Online laundry startups in INDIA came to rescue people by providing hassle-free laundry experience just at the tap of a button. But a question which often comes to customers mind is: HOW DO THEY DO IT??

At we use a 7 step approach to deliver a hassle free and smooth experience to our customers in INDIA:

  • 1) Pickup and drop:  Once a pickup has been scheduled by the customer, the pickup agent goes to customers home, collects dirty clothes and brings it back to operations plant. The clothes are treated in the plant and once ironed and packed they are again delivered to the customer.
  • 2) Washing: The segregation of tagged clothes is done on the basis of color and fabric. After this white clothes are washed separately and colored clothes are washed separately.
  • 3) Rinse: After washing the clothes are put into a hydro-extractor rotating with a speed of 1000 RPM, which flushes out all the extra water present in the cloth.
  • 4) Dryer: After taking out clothes from the hydro extractor, it is put into Dryer which is programmed to run according to the type of fabric.
  • 5) Ironing: Completely dried clothes taken out from dryer are sent for steam ironing. Different temperature is set for different types of fabric which brings out the best quality.
  • 6) Packing: The ironed clothes are clustered in a group of 5-6 and are packed in waterproof plastic bags which are then taken out for delivery by pickup agents.
  • 7)Delivery: packing and delivery of the product on time to your door.

WASHHO offering the BIG WASHING DAYS from OCT – 25 to NOV -05.

Washho wishes HAPPY DIWALI.

Washho provides you the best services online in all major cities all over INDIA.

Best Laundry Offers Online -INDIA

Washho Best Online Laundry service.



Choose your collection time online or using the Android .

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Upon collection just have your clothes ready – we’ll bring a bag with our collection agent to your door.

We Clean

Our cleaning experts will guarantee you’ll be satisified

We Deliver

Select your delivery time and we’ll deliver to your door – too easy! as soon as possible to your prime location.


Washho – One Stop Destination For All Your Cleaning Needs!

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WASHHO provides the best on time and safe

An All-Round Treatment for Your Clothes!

WASHHO has specifically structured our plans to cater to the different  needs of our customers. Our team of experts carefully sorts the items of clothing and uses different washing techniques for each kind of fabric. Since commencing our laundry services and dry cleaning services in banglore., we have gained immense trust and reliability of our customers.

And no longer do you have to wait in long queues to get your clothes washed and dry cleaning. Avail our services in just one click. To get your laundry picked up straight from your home, just book a slot with us as your availability.


Big Washing Days.

Washho – One Stop Destination For All Your Cleaning Needs!

Get 10% OFF on your Booking , Use Coupon code FYL via App booking.

Washho provides you the best washing days in India the washing days are coming soon .


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Big Cleaning Days.

Big Billion Cleaning Days

Big Billion days as the same concept had launched the big Cleaning days.Washho wants everyone all over India let to know and use the service of the Cleaning services by us just as a booking amount of Rs 1.

Washho proudly presents Cleaning, Pest Control, Sofa, Carpet Wash service in major cities all over India.


big billion days

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Celebrate Dasara To Diwali with your family we help you to clean your Cloths, Home , Sofa , Carpet.

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Why Home Cleaning is Important

Home cleaning is a part of cleaning our home it is very hard task nowadays.
Home Cleaning includes several types are like deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, Hall Cleaning, sofa cleaning, ceiling clean etc and much more which are included in the home Cleaning.
In India, there are many startups and companies which provides their hands to join us in the help of Home Cleaning Services. provides you with the best home cleaning services in major cities all over India.

Washho – One Stop Destination For All Your Cleaning Needs!Get 10% OFF on your Booking , Use Coupon code FYL via App…

Posted by Washho – On Demand Service on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

<h2>Types of bugs</h2>
There are some strategies to follow for the home cleaning that will help you to monitor the germs, Dust Mites, Weevils, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Fruit Flies, Stinkbugs, Ants, allergens, Cockroaches, Drain Flies, Silverfish, etc more in-house cleaning.
Check where these all germs, ants, cockroaches, etc all are to take care in your home.
<h2>Places where pests live</h2>
The main Place for all the pests live are as follows
Electric switches, PC furniture, remotes, doorknobs, doors, kitchen cabinets, Bathrooms, sofa, beds, selves, are most adored spots for any hack making ordinary cool contamination today.

Get armed yourself with disinfectants (chemical products to kill pests), and after that kill them to wipe out germs and minuscule creatures. Such places are moreover upheld by us lesser-known yet comparatively hostile rotavirus, especially in infant kids.
<h2>Invisible creatures</h2>
Rotavirus, germs, etc bugs can get by for a significant period of time on surfaces in the house, especially on plastics, fiber, steel, iron, and other materials, etc more in the household. If in case someone in your family has every one of the signs of any bugs related diseases like nippy contamination, the problem of intestinal angry, etc more have home cleaning in India and disinfect that type of surfaces.

The disinfectant will kill most germs, viruses, etc on hard surfaces. Sprinkle particularly on a place, and yet they work for some time lets the disinfect work. Wipe and dry with a paper or towel. As a preventive measure, cleanse these surfaces week after a week. So have your bathroom cleaning, Hall cleaning, kitchen cleaning, balcony cleaning, etc get germ, virus free home.

Wipe up with the Hot water in those spots
And clean away the surface shape with the fungicide or a sanitizer and-water course of action.
We here in India set up a service called which helps the customer to help in house cleaning.
Contact us for more information and service to your Home cleaning.
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Best Professional BathRoom Cleaners Near Me

Best Professional BathRoom Cleaners Near Me


Bathroom cleaners without bleach near to your location all over India.

Bathroom Cleaning with  acid cleaners the best part of the cleaning of the place that all do not much feel good to clean washho will clean and wash your home toilets and also deep clean of your home in several ways washho has several techniques to performs the operation and also the best rid to give up with them

Washho uses the best Bathroom Accessories to clean your bathroom we use Taski commercial products which are of use by the several commercial purposes.

Washho awarded as the best Bathroom Cleaners & house cleaning awards in the starting of our first year.

Bathroom Cleaners Best  Brands from all over India.

Washho Bathroom Cleaners provides you without bleach and without borax.

Best Bathroom cleaners near me

Best Home Cleaning Service Online

Best Home Cleaning Service Online

Best Home cleaning service partner in India.


Best Home Bathroom Cleaning (2-3 Hrs)

 Deep Cleaning of Floor WC Seat and Washbasin.

 Deep Cleaning of all bathroom fittings using professional grade cleaning solutions.

 Cleaning of mirrors, windows, doors, exhaust fan and geyser exteriors.

 Bathroom deep cleaning does not necessitate the removal of hard core stains on tiles & rust on fittings

 Chemical: Professional grade chemicals by Taski

 Equipment Used – Hard Cloth Duster, Scrubber, Soft Broom and Toilet Brush.



Best Home Kitchen Cleaning (2-3 Hrs)

 Cleaning of windows and ventilators, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles and switchboards

 Oil removal Procedure, Sink and Wash Zone

 Gas Hobs/ Burners & Chimney Hoods

 Kitchen Appliances like Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Oven externally

 Equipment Used – Hard Cloth Duster, Scrubber, Soft Broom and KItchen Brush

 Cleaning of storage cabinets

 Cleaning of utensils is not included.



Best Full Home General Cleaning(4-6 Hrs)

 Sweeping, Moping & Dusting in entire house.

 Cabinets/Wardrobes if any will be cleaned only from the outside

 Whole house will be dusted free with the help of vacuum cleaner

 Washrooms will be cleaned completly

 Dry vacuum cleaning of sofa, carpets, and curtains.

 Doors,windows & grills will also be covered in the same
 Equipment Used – Vaccum Cleaner, Small Wipers, Bucket, Mugs, Toilet Brush




 Best Full Home Deep Cleaning (6-7 Hrs)

 Kitchen – Deep Cleaning of external surfaces, cabinets and appliance exteriors

 Bathroom – Deep cleaning of floor, WC seat, sink, fittings and walls

 Living Room, Dining Room And Bedroom Deep Cleaning

 Deep cleaning of floor, windows, furniture and light fittings

 Dry vacuum cleaning of sofa, carpets, and curtains.

 Equipment Used – Single Disk Machine (As per requirement), Vaccum Cleaner, Scotch Brite Scrubber, Small Wipers, Bucket, Mugs, Toilet Brush


Image may contain: one or more people and text Top Cleaners is a domestic Home cleaning company in India(Major cities in India)  that specializes in cleaning and ironing at times to suit you, available on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. All our cleaners are fully trained, vetted and insured and we cover all over India postal codes. provides you with the best home cleaning services online all over India .washho is one of the best online cleaning service partner provided all over India.

We had a professional team with Best Home cleaning latest service Techniques provided you all over the India.


Laundry service | Dry Cleaning | Pest control | Home Cleaning | Car Wash | Washho
Laundry service | Dry Cleaning | Pest control | Home Cleaning | Car Wash | Washho